Andrin Albrecht has written music for heavy metal bands, modern and classical orchestras, short films and theater productions. He plays piano, classical, electric and bass guitar. He is the musical director of the Zurich-based theater group The Blueprint Masquerades and guitarist for the German alternative rock band TRACK 4.

The Blueprint Masquerades: Stop the Clock

A musical number written for the 2020 production of "Harvey" by The Blueprint Masquerades

TRACK 4: Mockingbird (EP)

The debut EP of Kassel-based alternative rock band TRACK 4, recorded at Frida Park Studios in Hannover in July 2019

TRACK 4: Mockingbird

The official video for the lead single of TRACK 4's debut EP "mockingbird"

TRACK 4: 4:00

The first single from TRACK 4's debut EP, featurning what's perhaps the proudest guitar solo Andrin has ever played.

Falling Frames: a masterpiece

From 2017 to 2019, Andrin Albrecht was co-founder and musical director of the Zurich-based film production startup Falling Frames GmbH. For them, he composed a variety of short film soundtracks, among them the following

Andrin Albrecht: The Fabric of Dreams

An EP of original songs, written and recorded throughout 2015