• Andrin Albrecht

Out of the Ashes, or Somesuch Cliché

Hello world! I finally managed to set up this proper website, which from now on will serve as a hub for all my projects, activities, random thoughts, and the projects of friends with whom I've collaborated. Some rough edges will still have to be smoothed over; there will still be elements that don't line up, colors that don't match, and links that lead into nowhere for quite some time ... But I'm doing my best and will hopefully have everything ready by the beginning of 2021!

For the time being, I decided to host this page in English except if something relates to specific German-language content, but ideally, I'll get around to making this whole project bilingual at some vague point in the future. For now, I'm mostly happy to have found a design that I like looking up, and to not have to bother anymore with the disfunctional mess that my previous blog had become – mostly, I have to admit, due to my own neglect.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and come by again when all this is finished!

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