"The sooner literary fiction recognises & accepts its generic identity, the sooner it can get help."

-M. John Harrison

Andrin Albrecht grew up loving books, and invented his first stories before he even knew how to write. At age 11, he wrote and subsequently self-published the fantasy novel "Das Auge der Macht" (whose influences were worn so openly it didn't even need a sleeve for it). Two other German novels followed, neither of which ever saw the light of day, before he gradually began switching to English as a writing language, and experimenting with other forms, genres and styles. He is still hopelessly fond of everything supernatural, but by now his list of influences includes Pynchon and Fitzgerald as well as Martin and Sapkowski.


Short story, English

We’re going up there to appease the children.

Mother says we have to do it, that somebody has to do it every year. It’s part of how things work. When they hang the town streets with lanterns, when they have barbecues in the yards and lemonade sales at our school, when they stick the rockets between the flower beds and put on their flower masks ...

Full text on the website of Rougarou: Journal of Arts & Literature


Poem, English

Scenery passes––time doesn’t matter: 
There is a bed, a stove, and a window to junk. 
The pane is wet from morning rain, but now it’s quiet––eerily silent


Full text on the website of Down in the Dirt magazine

Und danke für den Fisch

Kurzgeschichte, Deutsch

Der letzte Abend der Welt war zufälligerweise nicht nur der letzte Abend des Sommers, sondern auch der, an dem ich herausfand, dass Vera Klavier spielte ...

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Short story, English

There is a train that runs from the town where I was born all the way to the capital,

on rails that were laid for the most part right along the lake. It is fast and almost soundless, like the breath of the people who watch it pass, and its roof is made entirely of mirrored glass ...

Published by The Foundationalist. Download full story here